Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Evangelicals Care About Creation!

"Nature, the world, has no value, no interest for Christians. The Christian thinks only of himself and the salvation of his soul." - Ludwig Feuerbach
A subversive group of Evangelical leaders (including Brian McLaren, Rick Warren, and Calvin College president Gaylen Byker) have issued a statement on global warming (climate change) entitled "Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action". In this statement, the authors posit four claims: 1) "Human-Induced Climate Change is Real", 2) "The Consequences of Climate Change Will Be Significant, and Will Hit the Poor the Hardest", 3) "Christian Moral Convictions Demand Our Response to the Climate Change Problem", and 4) "The need to act now is urgent. Governments, businesses, churches, and individuals all have a role to play in addressing climate change starting now."

I commend them in the issuing of this statement. It is a bold and urgent call to action that is of great need in the evangelical community.

"Any error about creation also leads to an error about God." - Thomas Aquinas