Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Some Lines from Blake

"Ah my Mary: said Joseph: weeping over & embracing her closely in/
His arms: Doth he [Jehovah] forgive Jerusalem & not exact Purity from her who/
Polluted. I heard his voice in my sleep & his Angel in my dream:/
Saying, Doth Jehovah Forgive a Debt only on condition that it shall/
Be Payed? Doth he Forgive Pollution only on conditions of Purity/
That Debt is not Forgiven! That Pollution is not Forgiven/
Such is the Forgiveness of the Gods, the Moral Virtues of the/
Heathen, whose tender Mercies are Cruelty. But Jehovahs Salvation/
Is without Money & without Price, in Continual Forgiveness of/
In the Perpetual Mutual Sacrifice in Great Eternity! for behold!/
There is none that liveth & Sinneth not! And this is the Covenant/
Of Jehovah: If you Forgive one-another, so shall Jehovah Forgive you:/
That He Himself may Dwell among You. Fear not then to take/
To thee Mary thy Wife, for she is with Child by the Holy Ghost"

- William Blake

William Blake, "Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion," Ch 3, Plate 61, lines 14-27 in The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake, ed. David V. Erdman (New York: Anchor Books, 1988), 211-212.

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